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Ogival Adult Silicone Swim Cap – V.Buy


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Material : Silicone

*All round is 48cm (19 inches)

*Free Size

Ogival logo updated. 😊 All old batch swimming goggles of Ogival has been discontinued, the next batches of goods produced are all update to new logo Water Pro ya~

Both swimming goggles are belong to Ogival, only logo updated. 😊

There are still Ogival logo & Water Pro logos for sale in the market, including Aeon/Parkson/Shop of Ogival. Don’t worry, this is our official Ogival product ✅

Product Features :

– Premium thick silicon swim cap.

– High elastic protection provide maximize comfort.

– Protect and prevent hair pulling.


*Following These Instructions For Longer Swim Cap Wear.

*Rinse In Fresh Cold Water After Each Use.

*A Light Sprinkle Of Talcum Powder Will Keep Cap In Exceptional Condition.

*Never Keep Cap rolled Up When Wet.

*Do Not Leave Exposed In Direct Sunlight.

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