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Adult Professional Advanced Mask + Snorkel Set

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Available Color :  Grey Blue


Dive Mask

-Fashionable design for sports.

-Professional aviator style.

-Super light frame.

-Adjustable head strap.



-Navy frogman design.

-Comfortable breathing.

-Strap retainer for mask.


Product Features :

  • Good quality tempered glass lens.
  • Double feather-edged face skirt for comfort and position seal.
  • Adjustable mask strap for proper it.
  • Large bore snorkel for easy breathing and clearing.
  • Comfortable and flexible mouthpiece.


Case And Maintenance :

For best results, always be sure to rinse thoroughly with fresh water after each use, allow to air dry and store in a cool, shaded place well out of the sun.


WARNING : DO NOT dive head first into water while wearing this mask. The lens is not designed to withstand this type of impact, and may break on impact leading to possible serious injury.

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