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EVA Swimming Board [Value Buy]

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  • Perfect Kickboard for beginners
  • Size, Shape & buoyancy just what you need.
  • Made from non-carcinogenic EVA Foam.
  • Standard size of 16.5″ x 12″
  • Group two hand hole at the top to increases comfort & soothing tense shoulder.
  • Material  :  EVA Foam
  • Thickness  :  -4cm
  • Color  :  Blue (Logo Navy Color), Black (Logo L.Grey Color), Black (Logo L.Blue Color), Pink (Logo Black)


Care Instructions

Do not leave in direct sunlight

Wash throughly after every use with fresh water

Store in a dark place

Do not use chemicals on product

Additional information


Blue (Logo Navy Color), Black (Logo L.Grey Color), Black (Logo L.Blue Color), Pink (Logo Black)


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