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Adult Swimming Goggles [10% Off]


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Ogival logo updated. 😊 All old batch swimming goggles of Ogival has been discontinued, the next batches of goods produced are all update to new logo Water Pro ya~

Both swimming goggles are belong to Ogival, only logo updated. ✅

Product Features :

– Super anti-fog coating on inner lenses.

– Easy-adjust headstrap.

– UV Protection

– Black Rubber Strap (Lens is Smoke ) / White Rubber Strap (Lens is Smoke )


-Place lenses over eyes with nosestrap at top. Gently extend headstrap over head.

-Adjust the length of headstrap and nosestrap position for best fit (mis-fitting causes leakage). Fit should be snug but comfortable.


-Rinse with cold fresh water after every use. Dry in shaded area and avoid direct sunlight. Store in cool dry place. The inner lenses are treated with anti-fog coating to give excellent vision. DO NOT wipe or rub inner lenses.


-Use care when putting on and removing goggles. especially when wet.

-Discontinue use immediately if imitation or discomfort occurs.

-DO NOT dive in water with goggles unless properly trained.

-DO NOT pull the goggles away from face as they may spring back and cause injury.

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Black-Grey Lens smoke, White Lens smoke


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