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Ogival Muslimah 2pcs Swimwear With Tudung


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Product Features:

-Soft and comfortable stretch fabric.

-Resists chlorine, sand and sun block oil.

-UV protection. Quick dry and durable for long time use.

-Bottom string is to connect with the side pant hole which is used to tie up avoiding the swimwear floating while diving.

-Material: Nylon Spandex

-Will attached with Bra Padding


Care Instructions:

-Rinse your garment before use. Avoid contact with rough surface.

-Sun Oil & Chlorine can damage fabric, Rinse in cool water immediately after used.

-DO NOT dry under direct sunlight.

-DO NOT bleach or use detergents.

-Rinse well, drip dry out of direct heat or sunlight. Don’t shake the suit.

-DO NOT spin or tumble dry.

-DO NOT use iron / hair dryer to dry garment after wash

-Vibrant colors of “Fluorescent” garments cannot be guaranteed to be completely color fast when exposed to chlorine, salt water and sunlight. Slight fading will occur.

-DO NOT pack or stone when wet and leave rolled up when wet or in wet towel.

-It is highly recommended you do not water your swimsuit in spas.

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